My Perceptions

David Gluzman

In this digital age, we are bombarded with nearly an insatiable amount of visual noise. Digital cameras, cheap memory, and the death of print has left photography forever changed. What makes a good photograph? Technical ability, artistic integrity, equipment, photoshop filters? Evoking emotion is what always grabs me.

I've discovered over the course of my life that the world I see through a lens tends to differ from others. I'm constantly learning the world around me, changing styles, pushing boundaries, and interacting with people. Capturing emotion from all facets of life really puts a smile on my face.

Since first starting to take photography seriously in 1996, I've progressed my career from inanimate objects to falling in love with taking photographs of life. Photography has taken me all over the world, and my passion for looking through the lens has never weaned.

After inheriting an old Minolta SRT-201, I've progress shooting with many different cameras and camera systems. After my plunge into digital with Canon, I have since moved on and I'm now shooting entirely with Nikon and haven't looked back since. Truly though, it's not the camera that makes the photograph (however it can allow you to push certain boundaries).

Photography for me is a journey through life. I'd love to come by for a visit.

Some of the companies I've been fortunate to work with:

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